O Mestre fala® com os Mestres Boneco, Paulinho e Paulão

O “Mestre fala®” com os fundadores do Grupo Capoeira Brasil: Mestre Boneco, Mestre Paulinho e Mestre Paulão.

*A coluna “O Mestre fala ®” é um veiculo de divulgação e valorização dos Mestres da arte capoeira e não tem vínculo algum com nenhuma entidade ou grupo.

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    3 de fevereiro de 2012 (07:10)

    I never met Mestre Peixinho , but I know him aynway. Lot of DVDs , lot of stories and legends about him. When a Mestre ends his life on the Planet, they usually start to list his name in the Legend Book.He was a slim guy, very quick on both dodging and striking . Far too quick to answer to the call of Death.He got my priority to be visited ,among the mestres I listed.Sadly , I will never meet him, but I think I will try to learn from him aynway. I have already started : I made some berimbaus ,after taking some information about his way of making , I will try to follow his fast movements watching over ,and over again my dvd’s about him and on my next trip to Brazil I will try to know more about him directly from his students and friends.I have many reasons to keep Mestre Peixinho alive and one more reasons to feel sad, missing to shake his hand. Another Mestre is gone ? No, he is not !Alto AstralVovo’

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